Dunnington Dunn In

Another hat enthusiast, Phil Huxley, raised to 1,000 in early position, and it folded all the way around to Angus Dunnington in the big blind who went all in. After a moment or two, Huxley made the call.

Huxley: 8c 8d
Dunnington: Ts Td

Board: Ac Qd Jd Th 9c

Dunnington’s hand improved to trips on the turn, but the river runner-runner-straighted Huxley’s hand, and the pot went to him.

“Rebuy?” I asked Dunnington as he rose to leave.


“Cash game?”

“Yeah.” He shrugged. “I knocked him out in Vienna,” he added, by way of post-mortem. “Then again, I apologised for that, he didn’t apologise.”

Indeed, Huxley doesn’t look in the slightest bit sorry – he’s up to 115k after that.

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