Drink in a Castle; Drink on a Boat

While many of the prospective Main Event players are still presumably battling with their hangovers and trying to get together the motivation to come down to the casino and register, we would like to bring to your attention some other, non-poker related activities that the lovely folks at MPN have put on for players this weekend.

Tonight sees the legendary MPNPT Players’ Party take place at one of the oldest drinking establishments in Prague, located directly underneath the castle. The party begins at 9pm, and will feature some awesome mediaeval stuff with swords, fire etc, as well as dinner and a limited free bar. Coaches will be leaving the Grandium Hotel at 8.30pm and 9pm – be on one of them! There are two return coaches booked for midnight, so you can quaff with abandon.

Tomorrow morning’s entertainment for our VIP qualifiers is a private cruise along the Vltava, with live music, food and drink included. You’ll need to book for that one – email info@mpnpokertour.com – and meet in the hotel lobby at 10am. You will be safely returned to the hotel at 1pm, so plenty of time to play Day 1b at 2pm.

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