Double Double for Vozdecky & Panek

A double up for Lukas Vozdecky whose Ks-Tc came good against Lajos Motel’s 5s-5d on a Jc Th Jd Ac 9s board. The two virtually swapped stacks, Vozdecky doubling to 24k while Motel was left with 12k and not a lot of room to manoeuvre – there may well be vacancy at this Motel soon.

A couple tables along, Thomas Panek has also doubled up. He pushed for almost 17k over a raise from Harald Heigl and a third player a couple seats down who isinconveniently hiding his ID card reshoved. Heigl folded and the other two went to showdown, Panek not looking in good shape with Jh-Jd against Player 3’s Qh-Qc. Nevertheless, the board ran out Kd Jc 2s 7c 8d, more than doubling up Panek to around 37k while Player 3 shook his head in disgust.

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