Double Double

Two double ups at our final in the past 15 minutes or so – one of them straightforward, the other a wee bit more esoteric…

The Straightforward One

Gary Miller set Uku Valner in with 8h 8c in the small blind; Valner called all in with Ah Ts in the big. A Qd Js 2s Ad 3d board was good enough enough to double Valner up to 2.2 million, while Miller is now no longer a big stack on 1.9 million.

The Slightly Weirder One

Nikolay Ponomarev opened to 220k in early position with a non-traditional Tc 6c, and got calls from Gary Miller in the cutoff (As Jd), Terry Simpson in the small blind (Kc Jh) and David Rudling in the big blind (Qc Jc).

All four players saw a flop – 9c 3s 8c – and it checked along to Rudling, who immediately went all in with his flush draw and gutshot. Ponomarev reshoved with his own, smaller, flush draw/gutshot, the other two folded, and following two absolute bricks on the turn (2d and river 4s, Rudling more than doubled up to 2.3 million. Former chip daddy Ponomarev is now down to 1.8 million.

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