"Don't Stop Believin'!"

Tomasz Turek likes to have a bit of fun at the tables clearly – we’re all for this. Sometimes you have to forget the %’s, trust your instincts and above all don’t stop believing.

Turek opened the action with a raise to 1,200, called by Phil Huxley, Pekka Karjalainen, the newly-arrived Simon Hemsworth, until it reached Matti Sahinoja, who squeezed it up to 5,200.

Turek mulled it over for a short while before dropping out the call, Huxley folded, Karjalainen called and Hemsworth also made the call.

With over 20,000 now in the pot and 4 players still in the hand – the board fell Kh 6c 5c and the action checked to Karjalainen who jammed for 12,125. Hemsworth and preflop squeezer Sahinoja both threw their cards to the muck but Turek went into the tank.

“Why do you shove?” he asked to no reply from his impassive opponent. After a few shrugs, and dangling the call over the line without making it, he finally announced, “I am sorry for this call.”

And called…with 8h 9h for a gutshot.

There were a few raised eyebrows at the table, but our hero was live at least when Karjalainen showed down Ac Jc for the nut flush draw. The turn bricked but the 9s hit the river to win Turek the pot. Karjalainen quietly began to leave. The power of self belief.

“You have a good hand to write about,” laughed tablemate Jari Porkka as Turek swept up the chips.

“I have no explanation for this move but I did say I apologise! I had a feeling. I know it is a crazy move” Turek offered in scant consolation to his downed opponent. He then looked at the blogging team. “Write my name in very small letters!” he requested. Maybe one day Mr Turek. Don’t stop beleiving.

That hand means Turek is up to 60,000. Not bad for a city boy, born and raised in south Detroit. Given that play is likely to go on well past eleven though, if he’s still around at the close of play, he’ll have to hurry to catch his late train. We’ve checked the schedule.

Train Time Destination Concessions
12:00 am Anywhere Available for city boys and small town girls

Also, bring a book. We hear the journey goes on and on and on and on.

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