Doan Well

Reigning champion Ranno Sootla has suffered another setback to his stated mission to make it two in a row in a blind-on-blind encounter with Day 1b big stack Thanh Doan.

I caught the hand from the turn, the board reading Ks-Ad-7h-Qs. Sootla had bet out 13.5k, and Doan was just pushing the call across the line when I arrived.

They proceeded to the river – the Qh – and Sootla tanked up for a little while before betting out 29k, around a quarter of his remaining stack. Doan, however, announced all in, effectively setting Sootla in and driving him into the tank for some time. After several minutes of good-natured small talk and squirming, Sootla opted to fold, leaving himself on around 75k – well below the 117k average stack right now with the blinds at 1,500/3,000/400. Doan meanwhile is back near the top of the chip counts on around 270k.

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