Disaster, Then Redemption for Clark

Alex Clark, the short stack with 12 BBs to his name, found Jd Jc under the gun and decided to get sneaky with it – he raised to 90k. On the button, Marko Keskel flatted with Qs Jh and they saw a flop.

Flop: Qh 3h 2c

Both players checked, Keskel now the favourite.

Turn: 7d

This changed nothing, but Clark now bet out 100k. Again, Keskel made the call.

River: 6h

Now Clark bet out 150k, leaving himself just 170k back. Keskel looked confused, but duly made the call, his pair of queens winning him the pot and putting him up to 1.5 million. Clark was down to just four BBs – classic chip-and-chair territory.

Next hand, it folded around to Vilém Vrána in the small blind, who moved all in. Woefully short himself with less than 500k, Vrána’s stack still dwarfed that of Clark, who made the call. Absolutely dominated, Clark nevertheless somehow magicked a double up t0 440k – could this be the start of a comeback?

Clark: Ks Jd

Vrána: Kh Kd

Board: 9d Js Jc 8c 7d

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