Devilish Double Up Propels Suominen into the Lead

Davis Modans raised his button with Kh-7h and Keimo Suominen called with As-6d to see a flop – 6c-Kd-3d, giving Modans top pair while Suominen picked up second pair. Suominen check-called 450k and they saw the turn – 5s. Suominen check-called another bet from Modans, this time for 1.1 million.

The river: 6s! The devil’s own hand for Suominen.

Suominen moved in for 3.6 million. Modans slumped, his head down on the felt. Maybe he was thinking about that last big hand where Suominen bluffed him off his two pair. Who knows. Either way, after a little while he called.

He lost.

Suominen now has a massive chip lead, 11 million to Modans’ 2.4 million.

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