Desset Trips Up

Dominik Desset is down to 770k after a most unfortunate blind-on-blind encounter with Jiri Noga.

Noga was in the small blind when he limped in with Qc Jh; Desset just checked his big with Qd 8h and they saw a flop – Kd 9s 8s. Noga bet out 60k, and Desset, having hit a pair, made the call.

The turn came down the 8d and this time Noga. Desset, his hand having improved to trip eights, now bet 105k. A quick call later, and they were at the river.

River: Tc!

Noga, now in possession of a straight, bet out 225k. Desset snap-called to see the bad news – he was down to just 770k, while Noga moved up to 1.7 million. Desset, now among the shorter stacks, went all in with Kc 4c from the small blind when it folded around to him next hand, but he didn’t get a call. We play on.

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