Desset Get Served - Out 4th (€13,200)

Dominik Desset was unfortunate to lose a couple of pots and find himself short with just over a million chips. Folded to him in the small blind, he happily jammed with Jc 9c – leaving Daniel Camus to decide whether Ad 8c was good enough to make the call from the big blind.

“I’d look at the ace and call,” Daragh Davey reveals in the commentary booth, and Camus concurred – making the call and leaving Desset’s tournament life in the balance.

The flop of Qd 7h Th was very interesting – Desset picking up a straight draw to increase his outs.

The turn put him into the lead – the Jd spiking – but the river was a dagger to his heart – the 9s arriving to give him two pair but make Camus a superior straight.

Handshakes all round, Dominik Desset’s day was finished – a creditable 4th place finish for €13,200 for the young Slovakian, who has many supporters around the casino. We’l see him run deep in another event we imagine sometime.

That leaves the remaining three players arrayed like this – Daniel Camus now our chip leader as we close in on the title:

Name Chip Count
Daniel Camus 4,600,000
Alex Hendriks 3,400,000
Jussi Mattila 1,900,000

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