Depouhon Off to Flier

It’s been a relatively quiet opening to the day – not too much drama to report but Marie Depouhon is one player who has had a good start.

We joined her table with the action six way to a 6s 5c 2d board.

Adlan Alekseyevich led the flop from the small blind with a 1,700 bet, called by Depouhon in the big blind, Erki Evert and Peder-Age Paulsen the two other callers in position.

The turn was the 4d, completing a couple of draws and once more Alekseyevich fired….2,200 the bet this time.

Depouhon called once more and again, both Evert and Paulsen threw the chips in.

The rivered 4s completed the board, and finally Alekseyevich slowed down, checking back along with everyone else.

He showed down A-Q for ace-high and when Depouhon flipped over a pair of eights, it was good enough to take down what had swelled to a rather chunky pot as Evert and Paulsen mucked their cards.

A wry smile from Depouhon and she rises to a healthy 34,000, putting her amongst the bigger stacks at this point.


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