Deal Or No Deal?

The answer to the above is DEAL!

The players ended a period of play with the exact same stack and decided that they would flatten the structure, given the amount of money in play.

The net result is both players collect €217,167 in the deal but will play on for the not-inconsiderable figure of €30,000 + the trophy. Steven van Zadelhoff has taken the lead once again though – flopping top set with pocket tens, betting the flop with it – Lisii flopping bottom pair and some backdoor draws making the call. van Zadelhoff sneakily checked back the turn – a smart move which drew a bluff on the river from Lisii when he turned his bottom pair into a bluff, raising SVZ’s value bet with second set.

SVZ went on to jam, Lisii threw his hand away and we are left with the Dutchman holding a 3-1 chip lead as we continue…

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