Dazzling Alli-Oop

Alli Mallu has carved himself a reputation as one of the most feared men at the tables over the years. His unpredictable and unorthodox style has left many a player bamboozled and dashed to the rail in his wake – as well as yielding a highly impressive $1,300,000 in tournament winnings.

He arrived a few moments after the opening exchanges here in Manchester, suited and booted, but wasted little time throwing himself in the action. Having seen an opening raise called in one spot, three-bet by regular Phil Huxley, Mallu now pumped it up to a sizeable 3,000.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Alli Mallu has arrived!” a tablemate exclaimed loudly.

Mallu said nothing, but when everyone else slid their cards to their muck and he was left to sweep up the pot, he tabled a pair of kings and went back to completing his registration.

Let’s see what other tricks he might have up his well-turned out sleeves as the day progresses.

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