Day 1b's Rafters Packed Already in Level One

Who’s here, then? Here in time to enjoy the maximum big blinds from their 30,000 chip starting stack, here while the fridge full of cans of coke is still full of cans of coke, here before the bar runs out of vodka and red bull?

Seen (or heard) at the tables so far:

Deborah Worley-Roberts
Kerryjane Craigie
Kelly Saxby (this trio arrived late last night, but not so late a toe couldn’t be dipped in the party)

Returning for another stab at the Main Event:

Katie Swift
Lydia Cugudda
Dehlia De Jong
Mateusz Moolhuizen
David Lappin
Annette O’Carroll
Jari Hurri

Trying  their hand and their luck for the first time in Madrid:

Angus Dunnington
Asif Warris
Julie Whitworth
Jason Glatzer
Mantas Urbonas
Dara O’Kearney

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