Day 1A in Numbers (with a Side of Further Bustouts)

We’re now in level 9 of 12 to be played (600/1,200/100) and 48 players are still plugging away.  Today’s Day 1A of the £550 Main Event has brought 86 entries (14 of them rebuys) so far, with late registration available right up until Day 2 kicks off at 1pm on Saturday.  About this level you can see a certain wavering in the bustees’ demeanour – to rebuy seeing as the cash games haven’t kicked off yet, or to head to the MPNPT Players’ Party starting at 9pm and just buy in to Day 1b with a hangover?

That dilemma is now facing:

Frederick Maher
Peter Smith (his final hand a short-stacked all-in pre race with A-Q vs. 77; no joy)
Mikhail Veselov
Dhanesh Patel
Tuomas Kalvinmaki
Richard King
Shehbaz Hussain
Stuart Lord
David Lappin
Ming Ju
Jari Porkka
Phillip Huxley
Mark Kelsall
Yu Wu
Lee Horton

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