Dawson Multiway Jam

Andrew Lewis has taken a few knocks since we saw him last – his stack down from his six-figure status earlier – though he still has chips to play with as he showed, raising to 3,200 a few moments ago.

Paul Rigg, Craig Dawson and one other player on the button made the call, meaning we were contesting a sizeable pot already.

The board peeled Ts 8c 2c – checked to the button he fired out 4,200, Lewis folded, Rigg called, before Dawson now check-raised all-in for around 26,000.

The button folded and Rigg now gave a mini-speech. “I know I’m ahead but will it hold…” -eventually he also passed leaving players to speculate on his hand.

“Jc 9c?” inquired an interested party, but as we left the table, a smiling Dawson was stacking his chips and keeping his own counsel, having moved up to around 45,000 without showdown.

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