David Rudling KO'd in 4th Spot (£18,000)

As the short stack Rudling knew he had to make a move or two to collect chips and when it folded to him in the small blind with 7c6c he didn’t shy away from snapping up the opportunity to try and pick up the blinds, jamming all-in for 2.4 million.

Bad timing for the UK player as Magnusson in the big blind found AcQh and was never folding. He made the call and the board of 2h3c4s3h Tc saw Rudling play his last hand to collect £18,000.

Well played David – his clever plan to climb the ranks and switch gears at opportune moments worked to a tee!

We continue 3 handed for the title with Magnusson the chip leader with just under 9 million – will he become MPNPT London’s champion?

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