David Lappin Up The Value

It hadn’t been the best poker day for David Lappin so far – his stack falling to below the 20,000 mark – but that has all turned around in dramatic fashion courtesy of a juicy treble-up.

The action opened with two limps for 400, before Kalle Suvi decided to stop this limpathon and raised it to 1,200 from middle position. Just to his left, Lappin double-checked his cards, then threw in a call before Antti Hallme put the pressure on himself- making it 4,000. One of the limpers called, Suvi called and now Lappin committed himself, jamming all-in over the top. An exciting twist…

Hallme left scorch marks on the felt he re-jammed so fast. One of the original limpers also called and a bemused-looking Suvi threw away his holding. One presumes it was a judicious fold, given Lappin turned over A-K, Hallme pocket queens and the wincing third player looked pained as he flipped up the worst of the holdings in this spot – pocket jacks.

The board of Kd 9c 9s 6c 3h was very Lappin-friendly and he duly trebled through to a handsome 61,000 once the antes and extra money in the pot were reckoned.

Hallme meanwhile wins a smaller side-pot whilst the hapless holder of jacks departs, free to rebuy once more or spend his evening in non-poker pursuits as he sees fit. Hallme didn’t last much longer, busting himself shortly afterward…

Well done Mr Lappin. The game is on…

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