Daiv into the Live Stream Now

Players are back from a short break – 135 remain of 216 entries so far, blinds/ante now 500/1k/1k, avergae stack 48k. These are a few of the biggest stacks in the room at the moment:

Name Approx Count
Stefan Mital 117,000
Igor Kubarev 115,000
Johan Goslings 115,000
Peter Graham 114,000
Eion Starr 104,000
Kalle Suvi 90,000
Ottomar Ladra 90,000
Lars Andersson 87,000
Jari Pekka Raettyae 85,000
Teunis Arendse 85,000
Lukasz Janota 85,000
Andrei Antonenko 82,000
Tadeas Prenosil 82,000
Sebastian Gruszczynski 78,000
Nir Levy 75,000
Krystian Nalepka 74,000
Eirik Presterud 72,000
Jason Poelman 70,000
Marko Keskel 68,000
Colin Guthrie 68,000

By the by, Daiva Byrne busted just a little while before the break, but her loss is your gain as she will shortly be taking a spot in the commentary booth over on the live stream.

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