Current Chip Counts

Gruszcznski just suffered at the hands of Liperis once again. He’s now starting to face a real threat of elimination.

Liperis has been putting pressure on with his big stack, and once again he got the upper hand, though he was slightly fortunate, calling with KsTs on the button when Gruszcznski raised from the hijack to 65,000 with pocket kings.

He peeled 70,000 with a gutshot on the 6c 7d 8s flop, then both players checked the 3d turn. The river was harsh – the 9d completing Liperis’ straight. Gruszcznski check-called 65,000, only to get the bad news his kings had been outdone.

Liperis is not just playing well, he’s running well. That could be a tough combination to topple…

Name Chip Count
Liperis 2500000
Tighe 1400000
Wagner 1100000
Chung 622000
Guthrie 459000
Gruszcznski 431000
Hurri 404000
Kong 284000

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