Cummins Gets Out of Tighe-t Spot

Daniel Tighe, who won his first ever MPNPT Main Event in Dublin back in 2015 for €53,845, is still going strong here in Manchester, and keeping the banter alive with his tablemate Keith Cummins.  Just now Cummins, down to 10bb after a recent setback, moved all in preflop, over-shoved by a well-stacked Tighe.  The big blind (on 65,000) went into the tank to such an extent that the floor was called.  He passed, and Tighe flipped Ah Kd saying something along the lines of “6-7 suited?”  It was Td-9d for Cummins, as it happened.

The board ran out 8s 4s Jc 9c 2s in front of a Tighe who’d already considered his 60/40 glass to be half empty.

“I’m f**ing sick of this guy,” he said, as he smilingly paid out the 20k.  Cummins, delighted, ran round the table and hugged him, before knocking his stack over.  Ahhhh.

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