Cugudda Fades It All (Sing to ABBA)

Lydia Cugudda has busted Terje Bremseth, bumping her stack over the 50,000 mark.  With the blinds 200/400/400, the two of them had built a 6,500 pot before the 7c9dTc flop.  On said flop, Bremseth checked, Cugudda bet 2,500 and found Bremseth raising to 7,500 (over half his remaining chips).  Over to Cugudda, who thought for a short while before moving in (for more than her opponent); she was snap-called.

Cugudda: Ts9s Bremseth: AcJc

Cugudda swerved Bremseth’s gutshot and flush draw over the Kh5d turn and river to bust him and rake in an over-average total stack.

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