Cugudda Down, Rattya Up

Birthday girl Lydia Cugudda has taken a bit of a hit, getting her 5k bet on the turn of a 3s 2d Js Tc board called, before checking the river. Her opponent checked behind and tabled AJ – second pair apparently good enough to win the pot. Cugudda dropped back to around 20k, the blinds now at 600/1,200/1,200.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the counts, Jari Pekka Rattya has just joined the big stack club. He opened to 1.8k under the gun and then called a reraise to 4.7k. Rattya checked the 9h Qc 4d flop and his opponent tried a 3.5k bet – but Rattya immediately set him in, eliciting a fold. Rattya is now up to 90k.

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