Cruel Turn of Fate Denies Mlokochova

Anita Mlokochova has perished just before the end of the day in painful fashion.

She went to war preflop with Leo Tapani Pietila for her sizeable stack (around 75,000) with Qh Qs, though her chances were throttled as Pietila showed her coolered and outpipped with Kh Ks.

The flop brought welcome succour – the Qc 3h 8c board putting her well into the lead with top set. The poker gods’ fickle nature shone through however as the Kc turned to give Pietila the lead once more and the 6s on the river confirmed the pot was his.

He rises to 160,000 but a shell-shocked Mlokochova was dismissed in one of those cruel twists poker can deliver sometimes.

We hope this picture of bucolic Slovakian bliss soothes your troubled soul!

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