Criado-ne; O'Connor Stacking Tall

It’s not often a player calls all-in to a preflop three-bet, then finds three more callers preflop behind him, but that’s just what happened to Jonatan Garcimartin Criado whose last 2,200 had a chance at quintupling.

On a 2h9sTs flop, button (and preflop three-bettor) Susan O’Connor bet 6,000 when her three remaining active opponents checked to her (3,000 in a side pot already).  Only Abraham Serrano Gil made the call (from a once near-leading stack).

Turn: 7d.  Gil checked and O’Connor fired 10,000 in the form of two blue chips. Gil quickly called with a stack of yellow 1,000’s.

River: Tc.  Gil checked again and after a short pause, O’Connor checked behind, showing down AdAc.  Gil mucked and she mentioned that with so many people out there she was concerned about sets.

“Mind you, you never know what this guy’s got!” remarked her neighbour, referring to the enigmatic Gil.

Criado hit the rail and O’Connor is now playing a healthy stack of 70,000 – incidentally, more than double that of her daughter (and Grosvenor Ambassador) Katie Swift, who’s also playing Day 1a on the other side of the card room.  O’Connor is making a rare foray into a Main Event, usually playing about once a month at her local casino, the Grosvenor Casino in Thanet.  So far, so good.

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