Couldn't Be Much Mora-head

Bad luck for Miguel Hernandez Mora just now, as what seemed a good spot to double up turned into (in the best possible light) an opportunity to rebuy instead.  He opened for 1,800 preflop (from a 30k stack; blinds 300/600/50), and found erstwhile chip leader Thomas Lind three-betting to 4,000 on the button.  Back to Mora, who made it 9,000 to go.  Lind set his opponent all-in and Mora called immediately.

Mora: Kc Ks
Lind: Jc Jd

Flop: 4s Jh 7d.  Mora looked on without a word or twitch as the turn and river blanked 3h 6d.  Busto!

Elsewhere Richard Hawes (pictured) also hit the rail after yo-yoing his stack for the last five levels.  At one of the trough times (he was down to 6,000), a multiway limpathon preflop paved the way for him to call in the small blind with Q-T offsuit and also for the big blind to squeeze by then making it 6,000.  With all the others folding, there was already quite a bit in the pot, but Hawes was happy to find himself ahead of the squeezy 9-8 offsuit.  Trip nines popped out of the deck for his opponent, however, meaning the choice of a mid-Day 1a re-entry or a drive home to Leeds now faces Hawes.

Also busto:

Thomas Sjastad
Kristoffer Rakvag
Peter Smith
Martin Sogstad

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