Cool Story Braud-Chevalier

Mikael Hernstrom(pictured) has just exited the event, but the likeable Swedish player (whose hobbies include being in a rock band) was somewhat unfortunate to see his chances dissolve in a coin-flip.

At his table the short-stacked Killian Braud-Chevalier had been jamming for several hands in a row in a bid to increase his paltry stack.

Finally Hernstrom looked down at As Qd, decided it qualified and called one of these shoves. He was probably unlucky to run into one of Braud-Chevalier’s likely better hands, pocket sevens.

A flip for his tournament life, Hernstrom lost out over the Kc 2s Ks 9s 4c board and with a shrug he wished his table good luck and departed.

We hope you enjoy the rest of your stay Mikael!

Braud-Chevalier meanwhile rises to 36,000 – back in with a shot of finishing the day with a reasonable stack…

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