Congratulations on Cutting It Fine, Live Satellite Winners!

The last live satellites ever to be held (everything sounds momentous during a Grand Finale) for an MPNPT Main Event are taking place today and tomorrow.  Tonight’s 8pm satellite is under way with 45 left from a total field of 84; five seats were guaranteed and five seats shall be awarded.

Congratulations are in order for the winners of today’s 2pm super-sat: Marko Kotnik (Slovenia), Peter Erik Wilhem, Bartlomiej Wyrembak (Poland), and Andreas Nordam (Norway).  May your cut-price Main Event bring you a spectacular ROI.

The final chance to win your way into the €550 Main Event lies with tomorrow’s Hyper Turbo satellite at 1pm.  Unlimited re-entries at €55 a pop; 10,000 chips and 12 minute clock.  Winners may choose to enter Day 1b, or keep it Turbo with a shot at Turbo Day 1c on Saturday at 11am.

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