Congrats to Monica Poggi, Victorious in Ladies Event Which Next Year Boasts a €25k Guarantee

When dust settled in the 135-entry €110 Ladies Event yesterday, a hard-fought battle commenced that ended with a late-night win for Monica Poggi, who took down top prize of €3,145 out of a total prizepool of €13,095.

Casino Malta, acknowledging a little bit of a sartorial misfire, have generously donated all of the registration fees to the charity Pink October Malta, and guaranteed a whopping €25,000 for next year’s Battle of Malta Ladies Event.  Fair play.


1 Monica Poggi Italy €3,145
2 Anastasia Glaesel Russia €2,140
3 Teeranan Chuennirun Thailand €1,415
4 Giovanna Dimartino Italy €1,165
5 Rita Shmuel Yedidya Israel €935
6 Mrs Loukiana Vatti Cyprus €735
7 Phenporn Laatikainen Finland €550
8 Christel Haller Estonia €405
9 Natalia Laura Jaworska Poland €315
10 Sara Tribuzio Italy €260
11 Katarzyna Scanlon €260
12 Mrs Michelina Masia Italy €230
13 Aurora Grazioso Italy €230
14 Virginija Parsiukaite England €210
15 Charlotte Sanden Norway €210
16 Yuka Nakamura Japan €190
17 Marta Hernadez Mendez Spain €190
18 Eva Anna Marie Jiretorn Sweden €170
19 Karina Skullestad Nilsen Norway €170
20 Claire Smith United Kingdom €170

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