Claus Spins Down, Claus Spins Up

Claus Andersen is doing the old “variance junkey” manoeuvres right now. One minute he’s down, the next up.

First off, he lost out with the nut flush draw – Ad Td – on a Qd 6d 4c board, Adlan Aleksavevich taking him on successfully with Qs 8s – the board running out 4c 5h to leave Aleksayevich with 39,000 and Andersen struggling with 9,000.

He was soon back in contention however, putting a chunk of his chips in preflop with Ad 6h versus Guglielmo Susini – the rest going in on the Ah 4d 5h flop. The luckless Susini’s pocket tens had been outdrawn and he conceded the pot as the board ran out 8s Kh.

After those up and down shenanigans, Andersen is up to 20,000 again whilst Susini has just 14,000 left with which to forge a recovery.


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