Clark's Stack Shredded

A brutal hand early in the final has seen Alex Clark and Jari-Pekka Rattya(pictured) go head to head – continuing their battles from the outer table earlier.

Clark opened from the button to 75,000 with Ad3c and Rattya surprisingly just flat-called with JdJc.

The board fell 3s5hQh and Clarke continued for 80,000 – call from Rattya.

The turn card was the 3d. A disaster for Rattya and Clarke wasted no time in firing bullet two for 155,000 when it was checked to him. Again Rattya called.

Daiva Byrne on commentary was just speculating what might happen if a jack hit the river, when the Js arrived. Fellow commentators Dara O’Kearney and David Lappin roared at this turn of events. What a card!

Rattya led out for 175,000 and Clark decided his hand was strong enough to raise and he shoved on Rattya who snap-called him and gave him the bad news that his trips had been rivered. Clark was distraught, visibly upset with his stack knocked down to 370,000 whilst Rattya becomes one of the big stacks with 2,200,000.

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