Clarke Turns on Boosters

Clarke is rewarding our faith in his poker skills by building his stack incrementally but effective.

Artist’s impression of Clarke’s Hat

A recent hand saw Nadim Sarwar raise to 700, called by Colin Guthrie, Henry Himanem and Clarke in the small blind.

Flop: Kd Ts 3s, checked to Guthrie, he led out for 1,200 – Clarke the sole caller.

The turn was the 6d. Clarke checked once more and this time Guthrie fired out 1,600. Call.

The Jd on the river was the catalyst for an avalanche of inactivity. Check, check.

Clarke turned over K-Q for top pair and a wistful Guthrie flipped up pocket queens. One more feather in Clarke’s increasingly-feathery cap – he’s up to 37,000.

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