Civil War Breaks Out - Lappin and O'Kearney go Toe-to-Toe

Great friends they may be, but David Lappin and Dara O’Kearney are not the type of players to let each other off the hook at the felt and we just saw a big confrontation between the pair that left some scars. Thanks to David Lappin for filling in some of the key details in the hand.

The action saw UTG+1 open to 700 & O’Kearney flat from UTG+2 with what we’d later find out was As  Ac …sneaky. Lappin spied an opportunity and flatted 5h  4h  from UTG+3 and the button and big blind completed the action – both also calling.

5-way to a 7c  4s  4c flop, it was checked to Lappin who bet 2k, having hit gin – O’Kearney and the button both calling the bet.

With the pot at 9800 the 4d arrived on the turn. Check, 6500 from Lappin, who was now full of gin, fold from the button and call from O’Kearney.

The pot had now swelled to 22800 and the 7 on the river, making a full house on board, saw O’Kearney lead for 8k, Lappin shove and O’Kearney make a disciplined fold with his aces. A deft quad-dodge from the satellite supremo.

“Not [the] ace of hearts which is kind of important.” Lappin added for completeness. That will be an interesting hand for the pair to discuss at the end of the day over a few mugs of Czech lager. 

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