Cintula Survives Heart Attack

Apologies for the alarming title. Just to clarify there is no medical emergency! There was however a moment of poker danger for Andrej Cintula moments ago.

Cintula has had an unfortunate day so far chip-wise, his stack dropping to around 7,500. His ill-fortune doesn’t seem to have upset him unduly however. He’s busy getting a massage looking relaxed as he bids to turn round his fortunes.

He had a scare moments ago though. Cintula raised it up from early position, only to see Catalin Dragomir three-bet his open.

Cintula opted to pull the trigger, 4-betting all-in for his 7,500 stack with Ks Qd. Dragomir winced a little, wrinkled his nose…but eventually made the call, tabling Kh Qh.

With a chop looking highly likely, Cintula can’t have been happy to see a dangerously hearty flop of 7h 6s 2h peel off. His tournament life on the line, he tapped the table, signifying his opponent now had a healthy edge.

Dragomir had roughly a 40% freeroll, but failed to realise his equity as the board bricked out in the form of the 2d 3s.

Cintula lives to fight another day, still short but with over twenty bigs. Dragomir remains just above his starting stack of 25,000.


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