Cihan Eren Busts in 5th Place (€11,000)

Alessandro Siena continued his raising rampage and opened to 105k, but this time he had a hand – Ts-Tc. Cihan Eren called in the big blind with Ac-4d, and they saw a flop.

Flop: Td As 3s

Eren had flopped a pair of aces but checked it; Siena bet a modest 100k with his set of tens. Eren could be forgiven for thinking this was just a move, and check-raised to 275k – but Siena made it 550k to go. After a long pause, Eren made the call and they proceeded to the turn.

Turn: Jh

Eren checked again, and this time Siena set him in. Eren spent a good few minutes contemplating his remaining 1.1 million – and then called all in. It was to be his last action in this Main Event.

The 3c river only improved Siena’s hand to a full house, and Eren must be content with fifth place. Siena now has over 7 million of the 9.2 million chips in play.

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