Chmieliauskas Spiked Out 3rd (€27,000)

Andrius Chmieliauskas’ run at the title has ended in a creditable 3rd place for €27,000.

His exit hand was unfortunate, tangling preflop with Ben Middleton with an equity advantage – his Ad Ts ahead of Middleton’s Jd 2d in a blind versus blind coup.

Any hopes he had he could double his way back into contention were crushed by a brutal flop – Middleton hitting the Jh 2h 5s board hard – flopping two pair.

Only backdoor draws could help Chmieliauska, and the 4d 4c failed to provide succour. That was it for him, he is our 3rd place finisher.

It’s the talented pair of Ben Middleton and Kilian Kramer heads up for the title – Middleton with a slim chip advantage.

Who will be our MPNPT Vienna Main Event champion?

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