Chmieliauskas Back in Contention

Andrius Chmieliauskas has been short-stacked all final table, but he has managed to avoid being eliminated and finally it seems, he is getting somewhere, winning a few pots to climb up the leaderboard.

First off Maher raised UTG to 135,000 with Ac Jd, called by Hubalek in the small blind with Kh Jh and Chmieliauskas also made the call for the additional 75,000 with Qs Ts.

The board of Qd 2d Jc had a little something for everyone but was checked through…

On the 8d turn, Hubalek led for 125,000 and when Chmieliauskas called, Maher wisely decided his second pair probably wasn’t good enough and threw his hand away.

The rivered 7s changed nothing, both players checked back their hands…and Chmieliauskas collected the pot to move to around one million.

Next up Chmieliauskas jammed over the top of one of Kramer’s regular raises with A-Q after one caller, and was rewarded with folds all round to move to around 1.5 million.

Finally he has a few chips to play with!


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