Chips & Their Owners

It’s still early days (Level 4, blinds 150/300) so there hasn’t been a huge amount of movement yet, chipwise*; nevertheless, in the absence of any crazy hands witnessed, fascinating stories recounted in our presence etc recently, please enjoy this assortment of chip counts from around the floor.

*Veli-Pekka Alakorva’shigh-volume 25k>4k>80k>58k run being a notable exception

Rauno Tahvonen 24,000
Oleg Egorov 21,500
Julie Whitworth 45,000
Veli-Pekka Alakorva 58,000
Alan Hayter 25,500
Ranno Sootla 25,000
Phil Huxley 28,000
Daragh Davey 28,500
Declan Cummins 27,000
Johan Palokangas 17,000
Monika Zukowicz 29,000
Espen Jørstad 31,000

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