Chip Top Ten

The current chip leader with three levels left to play remains Thomas Lind, who’s built his stack up to 167,000.  The rest of the countdown:

Daniel Hide – 134,000
Nicholas Pongourou – 116,000
Andrew Lewis – 103,000
Angus Dunnington – 97,500
Bo Le – 95,000
Mark Whitney – 83,000
Miguel Hernandez Mora – 72,000
Martin Sogstad – 71,100
David Gee – 61,000

Meanwhile, if you were hoping to grab a drink at the Players’ Party with Mark Baxter, Harry Zammit, Mats Palokangas, Mazhar Ali or Tore Skodjereite, chances are good that they’ll be drowning their sorrows there within the hour.

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