Chip Counts, End of Day 1a

Forty-nine players have made it through from Day 1a; these are their chip counts

Artur Yarovoy 256,100
Dusan Vasiljevic 218,600
Michael Abaev 193,100
Konstantin Hammermüller 189,400
Andrej Cintula 187,200
Henrik Jacobsen 184,700
Franz Wilcek 183,600
Hao Wu 183,000
Alexander Moser 174,700
Juraj Valasky 153,000
Bueno Francisco Arce 145,300
David Lappin 142,000
Bence Szaszko 137,100
Michael Schmalnauer 136,300
Jürgen Resch 128,800
Dani Brandsoy 122,500
Henry Rantanen 117,400
Thomas Panek 101,200
Thiago Mazzini Fisz 99,200
Mezei Antal 94,300
Tomas Likavsky 93,800
Erik Polyak 84,500
Robert Schulz 82,100
Schwarzenbach Stefan 80,700
Roy Brindley 74,600
Johannes Hubalek 70,100
Dara O’Kearney 69,100
Josef Bartalos 67,000
Zdenko Slavik 66,600
John Mooney 61,800
Attila Polner 54,000
Fahd Belhadfa 53,400
Andreas Rein 51,600
Phillip Huxley 50,600
Jamila Von Perger 48,400
Dwayne Sluis 47,000
Arjan Van den Berg 44,500
George P. 43,800
Ferenc Szabo 43,100
Severin Schleser 41,400
Dean Dechev 39,100
Moritz Felsing 36,900
Dimitrios Nanos 36,700
Gerhard Böck 36,200
Maksym Lavrov 33,000
Angus Dunnington 32,600
Georg Müller 28,000
Paul Hammerschmid 21,500
Christian Bauer 14,200

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