Chips at Dinner

Players are now back at the tables, but these were their chips when they sojourned for dinner. Forty-two players remain of roughly 95 entries today (exact entries as yet TBC).

Name Country Chip Count L9
Erkki Pauli Johannes Falkstedt Finland 169000
Fabio Montanari Italy 110000
Theodor Josef Steimer Sweden 104000
Jonathan Klingenberg Germany 100000
Oleg Egorov Russia 83400
Gabriel Victor Jakob Sveden Sweden 82100
Giulio Spampinato Italy 76200
Mark Vella Malta 75000
Johan Goslings Netherlands 72000
Teemu Kalevi Leppalahti Finland 71400
Alessandro Giordano Italy 70000
Tuomas Juhana Kalvinmaki Finland 68000
Sandrino Keizer Netherlands 66300
David Collins United Kingdom 65000
Alan Carr United Kingdom 63000
Heikki Tuomas Merilainen Finland 63000
Bartolomiej Krzystof Grabowski Poland 56000
Johannes Korhonen Finland 54800
Timothee Jean Antoine Marlin France 52000
Peder-Age Paulsen Norway 51100
Roland Ekstroem Sweden 50400
Tobias Adrian Stenberg Sweden 50400
Dariusz Paskiewicz Poland 50000
Deividas Kvaselis Lithuania 48600
Edgaras Bucinskas Lithuania 46200
Michele Guerrini Italy 45100
Martin Johansson Sweden 45000
James Noonan Ireland 43500
Gary Banks United Kingdom 39000
Amoud Antonius Van Balkom Abkhazia 38700
Jordy Colliot France 38600
Manfred Sierke Canada 35600
Michael Vornanen Finland 35600
Osku Kalle Karttunen Finland 32000
Dwaine Sluis Netherlands 29300
Vaibhav Thakrar India 29000
Adlan Alekseyevich Bachayev Russia 26500
Jakub Chludzinski Poland 26100
Espen Uhlen Jorstad Norway 24000
Clint Sammut Malta 23000
Daniel Orlowski Poland 18200
Teemu Toikkanen Finland 16000

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