Chip Counts at the Break

Players have just returned from their dinner break, but we nabbed their chip counts while they were gone. This is what the 25 stacks looked like while the players were munching their dinners:

Mats Karlsson 805,000
Alan Carr 745,000
Adrian Huzevka 727,000
Jonathan Bowers 700,000
Alessandro Siena 700,000
Deividas Kvaselis 575,000
Rares-Aurelian Bodea 570,000
Oleg Egorov 481,000
Clint Sammut 390,000
Vincent Calenti 383,000
Daniel Jacobsen 360,000
Gabriele Zappala 295,000
Keimo Suominen 295,000
George Jason Rankin 280,000
Edgaras Bucinskas 258,000
Osku Kalle Karttunen 233,000
Dwaine Sluis 211,000
Evgueni Levkov 190,000
Cihan Eren 158,000
Jacob Nielsen 150,000
Paul Johnson 150,000
Julie Ann Whitworth 120,000
John Cahill 90,000
Kiryl Vrubleuski 78,000
Tuomas Juhana Kalvinmaki 31,000

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