Catch up with Richard, MPN Poker Tour Manager

Let’s meet Richard Cunningham, the Tour Manager and soul of MPNPT who shares his thoughts and feelings on the Sunny Beach festival.

Hey Rich, how are you today?
Really good. I’ve just arrived home from Sunny Beach after paying a visit to check things out for July’s tour stop. 

4 weeks to go until the third MPN Poker Tour this year. Are you excited about the Sunny Beach festival?
Super excited. The location is great. You step out of the casino straight onto the beach. The hotel looks fun. Lots of entertainment for families so if you’re bringing your partner and children they’ll have loads to do while you play poker.

How did you get into poker and the MPN Poker Tour?
I fell into a job at Ladbrokes customer service, found poker there and was hooked. I then worked with Stan James as the Poker Operations Manager before working here with Microgaming, so I have attended every MPNPT tour since we started way back in London at the Aspers casino.

You are always smiling and have a positive attitude. What is your passion for organising the MPN Poker Tour events?
My passion is all things poker. So being able to join Microgaming in this role was a dream come true. Organising an event like this takes a big team effort and we have amazing people here who are equally as passionate and friendly. I believe a smile on your dial makes things easy. Frown lines make you look old 😁.

I assume you play poker. Which one do you prefer: playing online or attending live tournaments?
I do play… badly. I have no preference between online or live. But do really enjoy a lively live table. Some of the topics which come up are hilarious. I play cash mainly and a few tournaments.

What makes the MPN Poker Tour unique?
The atmosphere at our events is amazing. Players who attend become friends with people they may not usually meet. I know of loads of friendships formed at our tours. I have personally experienced this. We always put our players first, we have a great social aspect, cool locations and great poker tournaments. Our MPN operators who qualify players are fantastic, rivalry is put aside and they all have fun together.

MPN Poker Tour festivals have been organised in the main European cities. Which one was your favourite and why?
All of them! Each one is slightly different. We get to see some amazing cities and try to give players a unique experience at every stop.

Why do you think the players enjoy the MPN Poker Tour stops?
We provide a great 4 days of poker mixed in with some fun social events. Every tour starts with a player party which helps to break the ice. We have a really nice bunch who regularly qualify and they create such a friendly vibe it really feels like a poker holiday with your mates.

Which one was your best moment, if you think back to the past events?
Tallinn, Valli bar…millimallikas. These famous shots are meant to taste awful, but I absolutely loved them and got a little merry on a night out with Paf poker. I won a bet to make the bar owner smile. He’s notorious for being grumpy. He passed me my shot and I blew him a kiss. He cracked, it was the only thing I won all week!
I have other moments too, but too hot for this blog!

Tell us something about Sunny Beach, the next festival which will be held from 5th – 8th July? How can the player qualify? What kind of side events will they be able to participate in?
Well, have a blast…We have the €550 buy in €150,000 GTD main event, a bounty event, our fun doubles tournament sees a return and if of course the €150 Platinum Cup. I’m planning a beach party on the 5th right outside the casino so our online qualifiers who are sat in playing can pop over as there’s a 10 seat GTD satellite running that evening.
Satellites are running now up until 2nd July and start at 55 cents with our MPN Poker Tour partner operators.
So get online and qualify to the friendliest poker tour you’ll ever go to. You know it makes sense.

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