Carr Crashes - (9th - €3,000)

Very tough times for Alan Carr. After watching Cihan raise from the cut-off, Carr with Ad Qs made an understandable jam from the button for his 540,000.

Unfortunately for him, Tuomas Kalvinmaki woke up in the small blind with As Ks and made the call.

That was harsh.

The board of Ah Ac 7d 9h gave him a few chop outs but the river bricked in the form of the Jh and that leaves Carr crippled -down to around 70,000 whilst Kalvinmaki has been propelled up over the million mark with around 1,100,000.

Could Carr make a comeback?

No, was the answer. Next hand he jammed with 8s 9s – only for Jacob Nielsen to take him on with Jc 9c.

The board of Kd 2c Qd Kh Ah brought Carr no succour and so he becomes our first elimination of the day in 9th place! Well played sir, enjoy the €3,000 you have earned for your deep run.

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