We’re down to just 93 players now, and with 62 places paying out, the bubble can’t be too far off.

One recent arrival at the rail: Thomas Panek. Crippled just a hand or two earlier, he made his last stand with Kh-Js but fell foul of Robert Schulz’s Kc-Qs, with zero help from the board.

A couple tables away, a three-way all-in preflop showdown sent two players to the rail simultaneously. Hans Holmedal and Alexandar Markovic were holding what looked like Q-T and Q-J (I only caught the very tail end of the hand and only got a glimpse of the cards before the dealer swept them away) but their Main Event hopes were dashed by Tomasz Pajak’s mighty 2-5, the board reading A-A-2-9-8 by the end. Pajak is at around 390k now. Tablemate Milan Milincic commented, “He’s one of mine,” although it actually wasn’t clear which player he was referring to, “He shall be avenged.”

“Although I need to chip up a bit first,” he added, surveying his somewhat underwhelming stack.

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