Buttering Up The Dealer

The tournament staff here are fair and just. Bribery isn’t going to work although one of the Spanish players did try his luck with one of the female dealers moments ago.

As she prepared to deal out the cards, he proffered a chocolate. “Quieres?” (you want?) he inquired sweetly.

She shook her head quickly and began dealing cards, in no way tempted by this transparent bribe. The gravity of the offer may have been lightened somewhat by the fact there was a giant bucket of the same sweets being given away free just behind her.

“AHhhhhhgggg” said the man as he shovelled the sweet into his own mouth, chewing gustily.

Despite the fact the offer was rebuffed, one of his tablemates (we suspect an acquaintance) wanted this criminal transgression registered on the blog.

“Tarjeta roja!” (Red card) he yelled out, holding up his arm like a referee dismissing a recalcitrant footballer who’d just committed a terrible foul.

The pair of them exchanged a few words and began laughing. Good to see everyone’s having fun!

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