Bustout Tsunami!

There’ve been so many eliminations, we’re going to give you the information in quickfire, pared down form so we can keep up with the incendiary pace!

Here are the latest fallers:

Radoslaw Kopec(pictured) – OUT – 21st – £1,150

Raise from Yiannis Liperis to 25,000, 135,000 shove from Kopec, call from Liperis.

Ac Kd v 5s 5h – Board: Jc Jh 5d 2d 7c.

Liperis up to 780,000.

Hakon Midtun – OUT – 20th – £1,150

His K-2 failed to win out versus 44 on a 6c 2d 5h 9s 5c board.

Christopher Cooper – OUT – 19th £1,300

As Tc v Jd Jh (Sebastian Gruszczynski)

3h 7h 9s 4s 4c.

Gruszczynski rises to 530,000.

In the midst of all this action Hakon Midtun, Monika Zukowicz and David Gee also busted! The net result of all that frenetic behaviour is that we are now down to just two consolidated tables with 18 players left. The final table isn’t far off now!

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