Among those recently departed from the tournament floor (although possibly also newly arrived at the rebuy desk, and not therefore necessarily out of the running) are the following:

  • Jan Jozef Ziecik
  • Daragh Davey
  • Pasi Petteri Sallinen(twice)
  • Samuel Richards
  • Jaanus Veste
  • Stian Skjerven
  • Vygerdas Jonikas
  • Silver Simulask
  • Dmitrii Bodrov
  • Ardo Tsukker
  • Jussi Mattila
  • Tom Sundqvist
  • Martin Pung
  • Mats Elofsson
  • Kristoffer Skolem (twice)
  • Hassan Sey
  • Mikael Johansson
  • Vjaceslavs Jorohins
  • Robert Jensen
  • John Hunter
  • Aleksandrs Zenkovs
  • Pasi Sallinen
  • Peter Johansson
  • Maarten Wichgers
  • Mairo Tori
  • Ville Saarinen (at least three buy-ins so far today)
  • Andres Rebane
  • Vitalii Bieliaiev
  • Maksims Gorbacs
  • Teodor Kyosev
  • Petter Karstad

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