Bullets Can Be Blanks

After a late-position open to 2,025, button Aleksandr Morozov toopk the plunge for his last c.13,000.  Small blind Coolered McOutdraw* (pictured) called all-in for 9,625.  The opener folded and the table got to see aces outdrawn.

Morozov: Ad Ac
McOutdraw: As Kh

Flop: Qd 4h Ts

Turn: Jd (collective sigh of sympathy)

River: 3d.

*Not his real name; also bit of a spoiler.

*EDIT: It was Tuan Le who took his good luck and his bad with equal sangfroid.  About half an hour later he ran kings into the aces of Juan Perez and was just as calm and well-mannered as when sitting on the right side of Lady Luck.


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