Bucinskas Gets Flush Boost

Edgars Bucinskas raised UTG+1 with the speculative Qh 9h and Tuomas Kalvinmaki decided to peel with Ac 6c in the hijack.

The board fell 8d 6h 3h – both players flopping a piece – Bucinskas with the flush draw and overcards and Kalvinmaki with second pair.

A bet of 65,000 from Bucinskas was raised to 140,000 by Kalvinmaki and Bucinskas made the call with his draw.

He hit gin on the Jh turn – making a very strong hand in the form of a flush – and decided to fire out a chunky 180,000 bet. This board looked very threatening from Kalvinmaki’s point of view, with two overcards to his pair, as well as the three hearts, and he elected to put his hand down.

Kalvinmaki drops below a million chips and Bucinskas is on the rise…

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